sobota, 5 lutego 2011

Hash F

Hash: Connected to your artworks, the forceful title of your blog (Pretty Uglies) could almost be a manifest. Would you like to tell us how Beauty influences you?

Leni: I have to admit that I often pay attention to beauty, which apparently is perceived by other people as something ugly, sometimes even hideous. Subconsciously, people reject images that they don't like. People tend to pass them, disgusted or indifferent. It inspired me. I wanted to show that this ugliness is very pretty and it should not be resigned from in the arts. That is how the idea for Pretty Uglies was born.

H: Even when you use different technniques, including digital collage and photography, your taste appears clearly. How did you reach such a personal style? Method? Any paticular school or just personal research?

L: I get inspiration from many different things. It's difficult to say what exactly, because I don't have a special method. Sometimes the picture will inspire me, sometimes it is a text. I watch lots of movies, videos, blogs and try to keep up with developments in the arts.

H: Would you like to tell us your point of view about illustration in Poland nowadays?

L: Illustration in Poland is growing rapidly. There are many young artists who excel in this field. We improve and inspire each other, what makes me very happy. More and more events, exhibitions and competitions associated with the illustration occur each year. In March there will be another edition of „Illustrators salon” in which I participate. It’s a great opportunity for artists to present their work, and perhaps also find clients for their art.

H: You‘re a very procreative Artist, are you satisfied about your professional situation?

L: I am happy to cooperate with various young artists from around the world. I design covers for their books and tomes of poetry. I find it very inspiring. I am also looking for opportunities to show my work to wider audiences. But for now school is the most important to me. I study graphics at the Art Department of the Pedagogical University in Cracow. This is my last year and I hope that I can continue doing what I love without worrying about money.

H: Are there any particular projects you’re dreaming about for the future?
Are you currently working on something that specially stimolates you?

L: There are many projects in which I would like to take part in the future. There are also many that I haven't completed because I ran out of time and I would like to finish them soon. One of that projects is a calendar that is currently stuck on month April:) The plans also include a “Pretty Uglies” signature shop. I also want to get involved in a project, which would be linked to the illustration and artistic workshops for children. I hope it can start in the first quarter of 2011. As for the illustrations, most of my focus is now on the school diploma. I'm very excited about it. I was inspired by characters from the cult horror movies, and which I love since childhood. They will give some advice in a special guide to life- “badvice”. I can’t wait for the final effect.

H: In your illustrations, it's like you dye all those subjects that are usually dark or sometimes old (when you operate on antique pictures) with the brightest colours: you creativly mix elements coming from differents imaginaries... Do you have any reference artists?

L: Since childhood I loved to browse through old photos and postcards. Years later I discovered the treasures in my grandma's drawers and I found that some of them could use a small lifting:) I'm also collecting old pieces of paper, and they often dictate me how the illustration will look like. There are also many artists who inspire me. Most of them are my friends from my blog.
I also love Gary Taxali drawings. He has an amazing style! I can look at his works for hours.

H: Your colors and your lines vibrate! ...Well, synesthetic game: match your artworks with a music band, or an instrument. Just if you think that it's a good game!

L: I think it's a great game but not an easy one... I suppose that it would be more than one tune. It could also be a movie track, especially if it was from a movie made by John Turturro.

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