sobota, 19 maja 2012

ready to go!

Inspired by various fashion blogs which I recently follow. They are amazing!
I am also visiting a lots of lovely places with tasty food lately with my...

wtorek, 15 maja 2012

How to transform an old toy from childhood to something pretty-ugly?


The main thing is to find a toy that requires variety. As you know we have a fondness for the time when we were young and it is not nececary to transform something if it doesn't need it.
I took an old wooden cow that I bought in a second hand store few weeks earlier and decided to refresh it with white paint and some simple feminine flower.


What I needed for my little transformation? Just an idea, white, blue and green acrilic paint, small brush and some water in a cup.


It's time for painting the lovely cow:) First I needed to fill the area which were painted in red earlier with my acrilic white paint...

and then the rest of the cow.

When the cow was dry I draw a simple sketch of a rose which I found in the net on her belly and prepared the blue paint for the flower. Making details took me some time but it was worth it;)

And thats it! I hope you enjoy it.
It's a simple way to refresh old stuff.


piątek, 11 maja 2012

lovely vintage time

I had the longest weekend in my life, and of course I used it well! I'm well rested and soon there will be new stuff here. Completely new. Stay tune!


niedziela, 6 maja 2012