sobota, 15 września 2012

Knowledge is Sexy - Wiedza jest sexy- projekt na koszulkę

My design for a t-shirt that will be use at a presentation of a creative company...
Wiedza jest sexy - projekt nadruku na koszulkę dla pewnej bardzo kreatywnej firmy...

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czwartek, 13 września 2012

Never Lazy Autumn 2012

I am very happy to be in the Autumn Issue of Never Lazy Magazine. If you want to check how the whole interview looks please check it out ant tell me what you think :)

      In three words, who is Magdalena Wolan?
I would like to be the thing your eye stops for a sec at, when you look at it.
How formal is your training as a creative individual?
Although I did have some formal training at the University I think that the real education in arts cams from within.

How would you describe your work? How would you say it has evolved?
My drawings are like a diary, which illustrates what is "bothering" me at the moment. When I look at them I see how much I developed and matured since I chose that I wanted to share my works with others.

What feelings or emotions do you hope to convey through your work?
The main features which I like to deal with is the mental state of my figures. Maybe you can't see this in every work but I try to put as much psychology as I can behind my characters. I do my best to instill life within my characters eyes. The story, which is hidden inside them is most exciting.
Tell us a bit about your work process.
Each of us likes to work in a different way. I am the most efficient when I am drinking the morning coffee. Ideas come quickly then. If I don't have an earlier planned topic, I try looking for an inspirations. The Internet is full of amazing people and events that drive the action! And then it's just down the hill with a sketchbook and a tablet.
How would you define your ideal workspace?
The perfect workplace is such where it's clean, everything is in place and cups of coffee wash themselves after drinking ;)

How much do you value social networking? How does it contribute to the way you grow as an illustrator?
The Internet is an invaluable help to an illustrator, who like me, is looking for inspiration. If one wants to know the opinions about his work and wants to make interesting friendship. I have met many wonderful artists and we keep in touch and share our works and the opinions about them.
What artistic achievement(s) are you most proud of?
I am particularly proud of the work, it made me deal with a problem. It always makes me feel great and relief when I manage to solve it.
A word of wisdom to share with us and budding illustrators?
Do what you enjoy, respect yourself and all, even unflattering opinion about your work. After all the constructive makes you grow in the future.