czwartek, 5 kwietnia 2012


Hello! After my little birthday party last night with my lovely family I decided to change a little bit the layout of Pretty-uglies. It would be my new fresh start as a older person :) I feel that I should do it after Easter!
But for now, something that's on my mind lately. Sad, sometimes joyful but still thoughtful retro celebrities.
After Marilyn it's time for Audrey or someone who looks a little bit like her... Enjoy

2 komentarze:

  1. A belated happy birthday Leni.....
    This is so wonderful, i love the soft blue, as a fifties blue indeed. I am curious for the new lay/out.
    Sweet greetz to you.

  2. Then, good surprises, await us!
    is very good recast everyday life...

    these drawings are great, Audrey is so pretty!
    face emerging from the spotted background ... wow

    big hug and a good Easter! :)