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Kate Middleton

sails down River Thames for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and it is a great opportunity to sketch. Today I wanted to share with you how my drawings are being done. Of course it isn't always the same way, it depends on many things but basically it starts with an inspiration. The amazing red dress of Kate this time...


First I prepare a sketch (drawn by hand or using a pen tablet) Today I have decided to draw everything by pen tablet. I choose color palette - just basic 4 matching colors.
The hardest thing is to choose what kind of illustration it should be on the final result - happy, sad or dark and scary. Kate should be happy and girly so I selected the dry brushes which will help me with drawing soft and feminine project.


From the picture which I choose I draw basic Kate's features. I try to keep it simple and do not focus on details. But it is important to select right bright skin tone and put a little of light on her cheeks.

The red color of her lovely dress dominates the whole silhouette. I focused on the little details of drapery and a waistline which I decided to do more slim:).


Now it is time for lots of small details. Her hat is very well constructed so I selected just the basic elements. All new things are of course on separate layers:)
It took me about 45 min to finish it.

And here is the final result, hope you like it!

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  1. Haha, niebywałe! Gratuluję!

  2. Naprawdę, super sprawa. Zawsze chciałam tak umieć!

  3. Love your style and you are so sweet! follow each other?:X


  4. Very intresting and lovely blog!

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  8. loads of fun! I love how you do this.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, Leni.
    It's really interesting to see the whole process and that's a great illustration character. I love your latest posts about fashion bloggers, keep the good work!